The 411 on Weight Loss and Counting Calories

The 411 on Weight Loss and Counting Calories

counting calories,reasons to count calories,calorie counting,caloric intakeIt seems like such a pain in the butt to have to count calories or use food scales; however, numerous studies show people regularly underestimate how much they consume, and if you want to fit into your skinny jeans or lose some weight, counting calories and weighing food offers lasting benefits.

There are five good reasons, why you should count calories and weigh your portions. Here they are

  1. Better Choices.  When you have only so many calories to work with, you tend to make your calories count and you tend to be chooiser about the foods you eat. With a limited number of calories, you learn some calories or just not worth it and that if you want something extra, you need to budget your calories to get it.
  2. Exercise Counts.  If you’re exercising and watching your calories, you want your exercise to be worth the effort. That means you’re less likely to want a piece of pie because you know to burn it off means an extra hour or so in the gym.
  3. Healthy Ingredients.  Counting calories also encourages you to look at package ingredients and avoid saturated and trans fats. You also learn it’s better to avoid certain foods, particularly if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, and you recognize fewer ingredients generally results in a better and healthier food choice.
  4. How Many Calories. People often don’t realize how many calories are in what they eat. Counting calories helps you understand what foods are nutritious and what foods offer empty calories. It also helps you realize which foods contribute to making you overweight and which ones don’t.
  5. Proper Portions.  Counting calories and weighing food helps you to understand the proper size of portion. It helps because then you’re less likely to make the mistake of consume a 16 ounce steak thinking it’s an individual serving, when in reality it’s enough for four people.

If you want to make sure you lose weight, don’t be like most people who underestimate what they eat by 47 percent. Watch your caloric intake, write down every single last grape you eat, and weigh food portions. That way you’ll be riding high, when those skinny jeans slip effortlessly over your perfect sized hips.


  1. Hi Geri,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I love meeting new people and hope that you come back to visit from time to time. I look forward to reading your blog – this post really jumped out at me. I think the whole reason I got the flu was because of poor eating habits that I have developed. All the more reason for me to start making some changes in the diet that I eat – right?
    Blessings to you,

  2. Skinny Jeans and perfect size hips. Sounds a bit too good to be true. Especially with all the goodies being bagged and plated around my house these days. Great advice. Tracking my calories has always been a real problem for me. I’ve gotten around it by establishing the calories in a meal and then repeating variations of the same. Of course this gets old and then I get bored and fall off the diet wagon. The circle of my life. Aighhhh! You’ve inspired me to get back to tracking. I won’t like it but I don’t like the size of my behind either. Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m not very informative but full of nonsense if you like that sort of thing. I hope you’ll stop by again sometime.

  3. Timely post for this time of year! I’m not usually TOO bad with portion sizes but I had great success post-pregnancy with Weight Watchers (which is just another way of counting calories). It’s just so much work!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. What a timely post. I have recently gone up a pants size, and it is KILLING me! Sometimes, we just need a little reminder to get back into our better habits. I actually like the South Beach Diet better than weighing and counting. The foods suit me, and it’s easy to follow. Now, if I could just give up that red wine……

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