The 411 on Weight Loss and Pedometers

The 411 on Weight Loss and Pedometers

The Annals of Family Medicine recently released the results of nine studies related to walkers who used a pedometer and did not change their diets. They found, among the 307 participants, those who wore a pedometer walked farther—one mile farther—than those who did not. The pedometer walkers also lost an average of .11 pound per week, and the longer they continued the pedometer walking, the more they lost.

Over my lifetime, I’ve owned four pedometers. The one I currently own is new. It’s a Sportline 350 Goal Tracking Pedometer, shown to the right. I like it because it is easy to operate and because the face flips up as I walk, so I don’t have to try and read the numbers upside down. I put it on every morning, and, then, by the end of the day, I know how many steps I’ve taken.

If you are interested in the number of steps you take, and if you don’t necessarily care about the distance you’ve walked or the calories you’ve burned, then the ACCUSPLIT AE120XL Pedometer, on the left, counts just your steps.


  1. Hi Guys. I haven’t used any of the pedometers in the article but my personal favourite is my Omron Walking Style Pro Pedometer. Its main feature is that you can upload your daily activity to a PC. It has helped me increase my daily steps from 3,000 to over 9,000 steps per day.

    Keep walking

  2. well, i bought some digital pedometer on the local walmart and it is great for monitoring your performance when walking ::`

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