The 411 on Weight Loss and the Body Weight Set Point

The 411 on Weight Loss and the Body Weight Set Point

body weight set point,weight lossIf you haven’t heard of body weight set point, it’s an idea proposed by Richard Keesey of the University of Wisconsin in 1997 that suggests everyone has a preprogrammed weight regulated by the body’s metabolism. A study done by Nicole Stob, PhD, from the University of Colorado-Denver, related to whether or not liposuction resulted in permanent weight loss found that weight returns, and that has implications for Keesey’s theory.

According to Stob, the study involved thirty-nine men and women who had extra fat removed from their hips, bellies, or thighs. They were then monitored over the course of a year, and researchers discovered when the weight returned, it did not reappear in the spot where it was taken from but rather it reappeared in the upper body, such as in a person’s upper arms or in the shoulder blades.

Stob’s study is significant because the results may contribute towards finding and isolating the gene or genes that make it so difficult to keep off extra weight. Researchers have already learned from Stob’s study that the genes responsible for the production of collagen, kick into high gear at the site where fat is removed. So, if that’s true, it could mean the body fights against weight loss and instead tries to maintain the body weight set point.


  1. This I know for a fact! It’s horrible and awful and something I have been struggling with for 20+ years now. I have not been obese my entire life, but after the death of my son…well I ate through my grief, literally. I can lose weight but it comes back somewhere else. Anyhow, the long and short is that I’m probably going to end up having gastric bypass.

    My mom is an attorney and when she started litigating criminal cases, she gained 100+lbs. It was a horrid horrid 10 years. She never took the weight off and last year at 62 she had WLS and has lost over 100lbs. She looks kinda awful but feels wonderful. I say she looks awful because her skin…Oiy! Anyhow, I’m headed down that road. I think it’s the only choice I have left.

  2. Great summation. I really do think they have something here……..

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