The Latest in Hair Products

Want gorgeous tresses? Then learn about the latest products appearing on drug store shelves, known as hair primers. Primers operate similar to the way base makeup works on your face in that hair primers allow other styling products to penetrate and work better. Primers also eliminate frizz, undo tangles, and provide UV protection. In addition, primers can repair split ends and seal in moisture, so you get great elasticity and unbeatable shine. Three of the hottest brands lauded by consumers are

  • Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother, $24.00
  • Chemistry Salon Labs Prep Hair Priming Blow-Dry Tonic for all hair types, $8.00
  • Sally Hershberger’s Style Primer. Available for three different hair types, thin to normal hair, normal to thick hair, and wavy. Sally’s products can be purchase exclusively at Walgreen Drug Stores, $12.50

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